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The UQ Senate elections have been stopped, to be started over again at a date in November to be announced.

The UQ Senate elections have been stopped, to be started over again at a date in November to be announced.

I was told this in a message last Friday at 3:30 pm from the Returning Officer, Anthony Zgrajewski, who said it was because “a small number of recipients from across the UQ community have reported anomalies with the online voting platform.” He said, “Our IT services team is working with the election platform provider to resolve these matters.” Nothing further on what this is about.

I understand that electors will once again receive a fresh email ballot, next month – while votes cast between 11 and 15 October have been nullified.

  • Therefore, if you voted Lee-Duffield or Lee-Duffield-Hamish-Greenop-Roberts, (thank you); when the time comes, hopefully soon – please do it again!

For anybody who missed out on a vote: On my reading of the relevant part of the ‘Act’ the roll closes on the election date. If you want to vote and did not receive a ballot on 11 October, contact the Returning Officer as soon as the new election date is announced to make sure you are enrolled before that date. That should work for voters, although new candidate nominations are not being allowed.

Last Friday I sent a message to the Returning Officer asking him to prepare a report giving information and an explanation of the closure of the poll.

I then wrote immediately to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Deborah Terry, copying the message I sent to Zgrajewski, and asking if she would directly oversee the management of the election process from now on, because of its importance to the university. I pointed out that I had ‘trustingly’ committed to an electoral process done by a commercial provider, but now suggested she might ask the Australian Electoral Commission if they can take this one over as a matter of some urgency.

The Pro Vice Chancellor (Advancement), Jennifer Karlson, who had apologised to candidates, wrote to me again on Saturday morning, advising, “the Vice-Chancellor is quite involved, so I would not be surprised if she is in touch very soon.”

Not much more can be done at this stage. For my part, you can generally tolerate ISPs or IT administrators not telling you why something has failed. It might be the Russian mafia, trolls, sunspots, some jackass spilling their coffee on the keyboard, all are grouped as “problems”, “issues” or an “outage”. In the present case however we do have to consider the standard of university governance, the university’s reputation, and interests of many people involved, not least those taking the trouble to vote, even those nominating for election. I would hope to see the university publish an actual explanation of what has taken place.

Regards – LD