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Bad News – researchers pressured out of jobs – see video

Standing for election by graduates to UQ Senate.

This week’s news story that one-fifth of scientific researchers are said to be thinking of leaving their jobs because of poor terms of employment is a familiar message:


“Scientists abandon profession as morale, job security sink: survey”

Australian Financial Review 10.10.21



“Australian scientists fear job insecurity as morale plummets amid Covid, survey finds”

Guardian Australia 11.10.21


Something has to be done about this poor employment practice across all of the faculties of the universities. It comes from makeshift, inadequate funding and poor priority given to teaching and research. Calling this out can be step one for ending insecure contracts and poor pay, which are: bad for people ‘employed’, bad for scholarship, bad for knowledge, bad for the country.

Speaking up

Please see my four-minute You Tube video from four years ago about taking on such problems at Senate level – not much has changed.