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Robert Picardo visits Brisbane’s Gen Con

Robert Picardo takes questions at Brisbane Gen Con: Chris Loy

Robert Picardo takes questions at Brisbane Gen Con: Chris Loy

American actor Robert Picardo headlined the 2009 Gen Con Australia gaming and entertainment exhibition held in Brisbane at the weekend.

Thousands of avid gamers turned out for the event, with many dressing as their favourite video game characters.

Battlestar Galactica stars Sam Witwer and Kate Vernon also made appearances.

The Emmy Award nominated Picardo – of Wonder Years, Stargate  and China Beach fame – spoke to a crowd of hundreds about his career, including his strangest fan gift.

“One of the fans carved headstones and he gave me my own one,” Picardo said.

“So you can imagine how hard it was carrying it home in my aeroplane luggage.”

Picardo joked he told the flight stewardess he had “a bad feeling about the flight”.

The actor who has played a doctor in both Stargate and China Beach said he turned to acting while studying biology at Yale University, America.

Picardo claimed he has found sci-fi fans the most loyal despite the genre not receiving much professional recognition.  

Other notable show events included interactive displays from leading entertainment technology manufacturers Microsoft and Sega, CosPlay (costumed) role-plays and numerous gaming tournaments.

The event has been running for over 40 years and now travels to in excess of a dozen countries after originating in America.