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Hospital under pressure: vital needs un-met

A boy waits with his father to be seen at the hospital.

A boy waits with his father to be seen at the hospital.

Madang’s General Hospital is crucial to its community, for many the only chance of access to advanced medical care when needed – but many of its vital needs are not being met.

That is often the story of medical care in poorer countries, and this key provincial service is certainly struggling.

The Assistant Director of Health in Madang Province, Arthur Walgun, confirms the urgent need for extra funding to renovate buildings at the site put essential health-care facilities inside them.

“The hospital gets its funding from the national government, but because of … limitations the hospital is not given enough to take care of the running of the hospital,” Walgun said this week.

Staff at the 250 bed hospital agree, convinced  their capacity to care for patients has become too limited, due to inaedquate essential equipment, understaffing and out-dated technology.

Gordon Uloulo, a medical technologist says there’s no pathologist in his laboratory, so biopsies must be sent to Port Moresby for analysis, causing time-lags often very dangerous to patients’ health .”We would really love to have those services, because it is needed here,” he sayhs.

Sister Susan Baniao, a psychiatric nurse, says that she needs funding for transport because, with only some cramped space for a special clinic, the hospital has to go out i nto the community to locate its psychiatric patients and help them

“We don’t have transport to go out,” she says, “Transport is the problem for us … we need alot of funding [and] because the building is run-down, we don’t have a proper place for counselling.”