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Gold Coast lures Hollywood’s finest

Two big-budget TV series and a feature film have been lured to the Gold Coast.

It has been estimated the business deal will bring $40 million, more than 800 local jobs and even Steven Spielberg to the region.

Chair of the Economic Development Committee Councillor Susie Douglas said the local climate and facilities are what make the area such a great location to film.

“I think they see that the investment is in the weather,” she said.

“Good weather means that they can get their movies finished sooner.”

The Gold Coast is doing all it can to make a name as one of the best destinations for film makers, but it has come with a hefty price tag.

The Gold Coast City Council’s Investment Attraction program is the body responsible for bringing such lucrative business to the region.

In order to get the competitive edge, it has invited production companies to apply for funding anywhere up to $100 000.

Cr  Douglas believes this is a necessary move.

“We really go out of our way to entice them to use the Gold Coast as a destination,” she said.

Gold Coast’s Economic Development Committee is confident the booming industry will add something new to the region.

“We’ve had IT industries, surf industries, and now film industries,” Cr Douglas said.

She says this will provide much needed local jobs.

“In the past, we’ve found people come here for the film industry,” she said.

Gael McDonald, director at one of the Gold Coast’s leading talent agencies Williams Talent, says she is excited about the opportunities on offer for local actors.

“All the work happening in Queensland at the moment means there are some amazing opportunities for Queensland based actors … it’s great,” she said.

She said production companies are better off going with local talent.

“Budget wise, it’s in the production company’s best interest to get Queensland based actors – it will save them a lot of money,” she said.

Expert on the Queensland film industry Professor Bruce Molloy said the lure is not only great news for the local economy and jobs, but for people in the local film industry as well.

“This will give Aussies a chance in such a competitive field,” he said.

“It will also essentially mean bigger budgets for any local productions.”

Steven Spielberg’s $150 million Terra Nova, Australia’s first 3D movie Bait and the latest season of Sea Patrol are all set to be filmed on the Gold Coast in the coming months.