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Sunshine Coast “Council Cab” service under review

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council is currently reviewing the “Council Cab” initiative introduced earlier this year.

The service provides subsidised taxi fares to elderly residents, allowing them to travel between their home and the shops each week.

The scheme was introduced for an initial six month trial in May this year and has since serviced more than 1000 residents.

The scheme is open to disabled residents or those over the age of 60.

Carers or minors of eligible customers are also able to accompany customers but they must hold a Carers or Companion Card.

Councillor Anna Grosskreutz said the program is “fabulous” and is encouraging residents to express their opinion on the scheme in time for the program review.

The program currently runs Monday to Thursday between Noosaville and Glasshouse Mountains.

Plans to extend the service are being considered.

“At the moment it [Council Cabs] does not operate in all areas of the Sunshine Coast” said Councillor Anna Grosskreutz.

“[The] Council has received a large number of suggestions for improvement to the program including extensions into other areas such as Beerburrum,” Councillor Grosskreutz said.

Elderly residents are thrilled with the initiative but have concerns regarding the limitations set on how many shopping bags are allowed per customer.

The taxis carry up to 5 customers per trip and each person is limited to three bags each to prevent overcrowding.

John MacKintosh uses the services often and appreciates the freedom it allows but he believes the bag restrictions are a concern.

“While I think this is a really great program because it allows me to get around easily without having to worry about how much it’s costing me, I think it’s a bit ridiculous to limit the number of shopping bags on the way home,” Mr MacKintosh said.

“This is the only grocery shopping I am able to do all week so I think maybe five bags would be a little more appropriate.”

The review is expected to conclude in December.

Any questions or suggestions can be sent to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council at [email protected]

A Sunshine Coast "Council Cab" Photo: Sunshine Coast Regional Council

A Sunshine Coast "Council Cab" Photo: Sunshine Coast Regional Council