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Fitness craze hits Brisbane nightclub

Latin-inspired dance fitness craze Zumba has danced its way into being a permanent fixture at local Brisbane nightclub, The Met.

Zumba is popular with women wanting to get fit. Source: www.zumbabrisbane.net.au

Zumba is popular with women wanting to get fit. Source: www.zumbabrisbane.net.au

Zumba has become an overnight sensation in Brisbane as it provides a fun way to exercise and lose weight.

Zumba enthusiast Hayley Williams says Zumba’s a great way to exercise.

“I think Zumba is a great way for people to get fit and have fun. It’s excellent as you don’t actually realise you’re working out.

“Which is great for people who aren’t actually all that motivated to lose weight.”

Mandy O’Grady, from The Met nightclub in Fortitude Valley, said they introduced Zumba classes as the club is the perfect venue for it.

“Everybody has been talking about doing these classes and we have the facilities to do it with good lighting and good sound and a good location with lots of space we can do it in. So we thought, let’s give it a go.”

She said the difference between The Met and other Zumba providers is how they create a real atmosphere for the dancers.

“We’ve got the space; we’ve got a full plasma screen wall that plays visual throughout the class.

“We’ve got all the nightclub lights on, the full sound system.

“The teacher’s up on an elevated stage, so it’s easy to see and it’s really easy to get involved and you don’t feel like everyone is watching you and you’re not crammed in together.”

Milton based Vida Latina Dance Company dance teacher Simone Smith says their Zumba classes haven’t suffered as a result of The Met’s new addition.

“Everywhere is competition so, I guess yes we would consider them competition, but a bit of healthy competition is never any sort of drama.”

Vida Latina specialises in all types of Latin dance classes with them boasting classes in fifteen locations around Brisbane.

Although many gyms throughout Brisbane are taking up the challenge of providing Zumba classes, Fitness First Health Clubs says they’re not worried about competing with a nightclub.

However, Ms O’Grady says they “absolutely” consider themselves competition for other Zumba Classes.

“We offer a full nightclub experience along with the Zumba classes that’s something a lot of the general gym classes don’t actually offer.”

Zumba Fit Brisbane provides information on classes at The Met such as background on the instructor and where to park.