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Auction marks beginning of mango season

The 13th annual Brisbane Markets’ charity auction took place yesterday with the first tray of this season’s mangoes selling for $50,000, the highest bid made at the auction in over five years.IMG_0182

Carlo Lorenti, the owner of Clayfield Markets Fresh, purchased the tray of twelve Queensland mangoes for approximately $4,166 each.

This is the third year in a row that Mr Lorenti and his wife, Susan, have out bid rivals, with Mr

Lorenti being named Mango King in 2006 and 2008, and Mrs Lorenti being named the first ever Mango Queen in 2009 with a winning bid of $45,000.

Brisbane Markets’ spokeswoman Amy Kearns says, “We had a number of bidders and they pushed him [Mr Lorenti] up to $50,000 this year.”

Mr Lorenti’s bid has been the highest made at the auction in over five years and has sparked hope that the financial crisis is finally over.

Ms Kearn continues, “It’s been a tough year and we’re just so ecstatic we got this amount.”

Yesterday’s auction raised approximately $65,000. These proceeds will go towards two Queensland charities: RedKite, an organisation that provides support to children, young people and families affected by cancer, and Life Education Queensland, an organisation that provides drug and health schooling.

James Wile, who was present at yesterday’s auction says, “This morning has been incredibly successful. The mango auction is a great way to raise money for two very worthwhile causes.”

The Brisbane Markets’ charity auction has raised over $500,000 in the past thirteen years.

In comparison to Mr Lorenti’s winning bid, the Sydney Market’s annual charity auction sold its first tray of New South Wales mangoes for $30,000 last month.

Mango fervor continues in Brisbane this weekend with the Mango Madness public market being held on Saturday.