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Council fines residents for parking near homes

Brisbane City Council is under attack from residents fed up with parking restrictions in selected suburbs.

Residents with leases less than six months long should technically be paying to park outside their houses.

Residents with leases less than six months long should technically pay to park outside their houses.

People residing in Residential Parking Areas are exempt from any parking restrictions as long as a council-issued parking permit is clearly visible on their vehicle.

However, Brisbane City Council is receiving scruitiny from social media communities who say obtaining a permit is in some cases impossible despite an applicant’s legitimate residency.

Currently, parking permits will only be issued to residents with a lease of six months or longer.

A council spokesperson said the guidelines were needed to ensure parking was provided to genuine residents.

“Parking is at a premium within the inner city and council is keen to ensure residential parking permits are not mis-used,” they said.

“It is standard council policy to issue permits to residents who have a lease for at least 6 months because residential parking permits last for 12 months.”

Daisy Watson is moving to a Residential  Parking Area in October but will not receive a permit because her lease does not meet the council’s minumum length.

“To be booked for parking your car in front of your own house is unbelievable. Not only do I not have the money to pay fines but I refuse to be charged,” she said.

“I am unsure what to do with my car as the council does not seem to provide me with many options. It seems ludicrous that I would have to re-park my car in different areas every few hours.”

Previous public outcry over rules that disadvantaged people  in share house situations has been met by council policy ammendments.

The current policy entitles residents to two parking permits per property, plus access to additional permits upon request.

The  council’s new policy will take effect before the end of this year, allowing residents to apply for a permit for each vehicle registered at the premises and two restricted visitor permits.

Residential Parking Areas are usually located near hospitals, universities or sports stadiums.