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Fashion embraces Every Body

A dress by a designer known for her acceptance of the real woman's body, Sacha Drake

A dress by Sacha Drake, a designer known for her acceptance of the real woman's body. Photo credit: Sacha Drake

When ‘real’ women hit the catwalk at the Every Body Counts show during the Perth Fashion Festival at the weekend, it proved beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Fifteen Perth women, including a woman in her 60s, ranging from size 8 to sixteen, strutted down the catwalk to showcase the ‘real’ female body as opposed to the typical skinny, tall model.

The use of non-models was a first for the festival and aims to help reinforce a healthy body image and boost self-esteem for all women.

This show comes just in time for the spring fashion, as women start to unveil their bodies in the warmer weather.

It’s time for women to embrace all different body types, which is something designer Sacha Drake has been saying for years.

Based in Brisbane, Sacha Drake stocks throughout Australia and New Zealand and loves to make women feel confident.

“A flattering garment that fits you well presents you at your best,” Drake says.

“We see it on the streets, we see it in magazines, we see it on television and in movies, and we can even access it on our phones – fashion’s all around us.

“With so much exposure to trends and fashion culture we are becoming a slave to the trend and forgetting that fashion should be a statement of who we are and what we believe.”

Sharni Lindsay, owner of Nancy King boutique at Southbank, says at her store they have an inter-mix of cheap and high-end labels to suit every shape.

“We’ve got something for everybody, from mothers to daughters. So we try to keep different people in mind when we’re buying”.

Lindsay’s advice for Brisbane shoppers this spring is to always try to be comfortable.

“Wear the clothes – don’t let them wear you. Great shoes and accessories always add to the outfit. You can just wear a black dress every season and just put on some great jewels and you’ll feel great.”

In relation to body shapes and sizes, the label Willow is without a doubt the store’s best seller, Lindsay says.

“They’ve got the jersey fabrics, so it’s a lower price point and then it goes up to the high-end; however it’s the size 14s in Willow that sell so well”.

So no matter what size, shape or age, designers and fashion retailers are embracing the ‘real’ woman’s body.

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