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Baby business booms due to IVF breakthrough

A nanny agency has recently experienced a period of rapid growth due to recent financial breakthroughs in in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Founded in 2008, TwinEze specialises in the development and care of multiples and offers a unique approach to providing the fundamentals for newborn twins and triplets.

Hannah Ruge, Human Resources Manager of TwinEze says the company has benefited greatly from recent rebates granted to IVF babies, and has dominated the market due to the ongoing help and support provided to its clients.

“The federal government have increased the base MBS rebates by around $300 per patient,” she said.

“This will alleviate out-of-pocket expenses for IVF services and will allow families from rural communities to benefit from a more affordable way of giving birth to twins.”

Dr John Allen, founder of the IVF unit at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane’s west, agrees that businesses like TwinEze will benefit from IVF and helps ease the pressure on families finding it hard to conceive.

“If and when multiple pre-embryos are transferred, approximately 25 per cent of pregnancies with IVF are twins,” he said.

The IVF process involves the fertilisation of egg cells by sperm outside the womb. It has recently become a major treatment in infertility when other more traditional methods have failed.

“The egg retrieval and the embryo transfer cycle is a far more efficient process for mothers finding it hard to fall pregnant,” Dr Allen said.

Ms Ruge also acknowledges that the recent success in such a niche market is a result of a personal approach to babysitting.thumb

“Compared to other agencies, we actually find a nanny to suit our client’s lifestyle,” she said.

“There’s nothing worse than placing a nanny in a family environment where they don’t have the same ideas and beliefs as the client.”

TwinEze says it offers a broad range of services that includes fitting multiples into a family dynamic, self settling techniques and introducing solids.

The company’s  ultimate goal is to enter a family home and attempt to establish a long-term relationship.

Kirsten Von Gelder is a mother of twins and has used TwinEze for the past two and a half years.

She says that the level of care given to her twins has been consistent from all the carers.

“They are friendly, trustworthy, reliable, and most important – excellent at wrangling multiples,” she said.

“The style of care has a good balance of engaging developmental activities and age appropriate play, whilst working within your routine.”