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Brisbane Festival introduces new Artistic Director

This year’s Brisbane Festival has a new Artistic Director.

While arts and culture spreads throughout the city, participants are eagerly awaiting changes brought on by its new Artistic Director Noel Staunton.

“We are trying to create a sense of firsts,” he said.

“We have a lot of world premieres, so we want to create a sense that this is a place for artists to come and create work, where the public can see stuff for the first time.”

This year’s festival has five world and seven Australian premieres.

Mr Staunton said he believes art should be popular.

“I’m a great believer in popular culture. We go across the spectrum. We have some high-end art and some very popular culture art,” he said.

“I think the festival has to represent all of those areas.”

Raw Dance Artistic Director, Andrew Fee, says he’s already noticed differences between previous Brisbane Festival Artistic Directors and Mr Staunton.

Brisbane Festival: Raw Dance Companys Bang! Crash! Tap! Source: Brisbanefestival.com.au

Brisbane Festival: Raw Dance Company's 'Bang! Crash! Tap!' Source: Brisbanefestival.com.au

“I think he is really keen to make it quite a commercial presence rather than a boutique style festival, bringing the arts to the people,” he said.

Mr Staunton also said he hopes Brisbane Festival is something emerging artists want to be a part of.

Mr Fee said the festival is a great platform for such emerging artists.

“It’s a good way for them to show the community of Brisbane what they are doing, and to challenge their current style and maybe incorporate new elements,” he said.

Brisbane Festival offers a diverse program of dance, drama, music and cultural activities for three weeks, finishing September 25.