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Rats found at Indooroopilly shopping centre

Staff members at Indooroopilly shopping centre have raised concerns that the complex is plagued by rats.

Staff members fear Indooroopilly shopping centre may be infested with rats.

Staff members fear Indooroopilly shopping centre may be infested with rats. (Source: Imogen Knowles)

There have been numerous sightings of the rats, their urine and faeces within the centre.

“The whole centre’s overrun by rats,” said a Myer employee, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“They are coming up actually into the store now. Fine confectionary has been eaten.”

However, Indooroopilly centre management has denied the claims.

“We’ve never really had an issue,” centre manager Ian McCosker said.

A McDonald’s employee who wished to remain anonymous also said there are no real issues with rats within the centre, but acknowledged every shopping centre has them, and the fast food retailer has taken preventative measures.

“Rat bait stations are out,” the McDonalds employee said.

Mr McCosker confirmed there are likely to be many and varied forms of pest control out.

But this has not helped ease some worried staff members.

“You can find the dead ones cause the smell is just unreal,” the Myer employee said.

“It’s just really disgusting and has become an employee joke not to eat anything,” another Myer employee said.

Karen Shakhovskoy, food safety supervisor at Spiritus St Martin’s nursing home at Taigum, said buildings with outbreaks need to immediately eradicate the problem to avoid very serious diseases and possible food contamination.

Rats pose serious health risks to humans, including contracting diseases such as salmonella.

Humans can catch these diseases from rat urine, faeces, saliva and when breathing in air that rats may have infected with airborne diseases.