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The Gap State High turns pink

The annual  Northside Think Pink trivia night was held on August 14, raising much needed funds for breast cancer research.

Over 100 guests filled the hall in their craziest pink outfits.

The cheerful night featured trivia, raffles, auctions and dancing.

The athletics team of the night wore their costumes proud to show their support

The athletics team of the night wore their bright costumes to show their support. Source:Ebonny Rogers

Compere and Triple M personality Ian Skippen proudly voiced his admiration and respect for this particular fundraiser.

“It is something very personal to me. I will come back every year as long as I am wanted. The spirit of everyone is something that inspires me to be a better person.”

This is his fourth year as compere and he has come to think of the Think Pink family as his own.

“Although we are always wanting  fresh faces, majorityof the guests are here every year and it is now like catching up with old friends.”

Event co-organiser and leader Phillipa Garlick has even more reason this year to bring about awareness of breast cancer and make the event bigger than ever.

“My mum battled breast cancer for five years and lost her battle in April of this year. I knew I had to keep the night alive for her and her memory. There is no doubt that I achieved this and know my Mum will be sadly missed by everyone.”

Breast cancer survivor Glenda Wright said it was the best fundraiser in years. “The spirit of the kids is amazing, their costumes are fabulous and they make you treasure the life you have.”

Prizes were awarded throughout the night with the room brought to tears whilst giving a standing ovation  to the winner of $900 pearls, Claire Thompson. After battling breast cancer for two years, in her words this prize was “a celebration of my remission”.

Think Pink is constantly holding events and fundraisers throughout communities to raise money for breast cancer research.