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Brisbane embraces Suitcase Rummage

Brisbane has always come up short in terms of hosting events for young creatives. But a new take on the traditional flea market has made bargain hunting a cultural experience.

Brisbane's Suitcase Rummage. Source: Dominique Antos

Brisbane's Suitcase Rummage. Source: Dominique Antos

Founders of Brisbane’s Suitcase Rummage, Danielle Constance and Isabel FitzGerald, said the idea sprouted from discussions about the city’s lack of venues, shops, markets and gathering spaces for people in the community.

“We’re not saying Brisbane doesn’t have these things… we do, we just want more of them. It’s beginning to happen, but we’d love more opportunities for emerging artists and creatives that are accessible”.

The Suitcase Rummage is a flea market type event, which is an easier and more affordable alternative to other markets in Brisbane. For a small fee of $10, vendors register online and arrive at the designated destination with up to three suitcases filled with goods to sell.

“The very first rummage we had around 80 suitcase stalls, now we are having to turn away registrations once we reach 170. We have literally doubled in size,” Ms Constance and Ms FitzGerald said.

The success of the event clearly highlights that there is a niche in Brisbane for events such as this, which has not been previously filled.

“It offers something a little more than other markets. There is an atmosphere, an experience, it is becoming more of a community than a typical ‘market’. I suppose because it’s not just about selling and buying, it’s the experience,” says Ms Constance and Ms FitzGerald.

It’s this type of ‘experience’, which includes live music, second-hand clothing, artwork, homewares, handmade jewellery and accessories, many have previously had to travel to other cities to be a part of.

Elly Scrine, a seller at one of the first rummages, agrees that the culture of the event gives it its appeal.

“I believe it’s such a popular event due to the current ‘op shop’ culture that’s so popular at the moment with young people”.

Ms Scrine hopes that Brisbane will continue to offer more for young creatives in the city.

“I love that Brisbane is slowly starting to catch on to this type of stuff, and can’t wait to see the types of events which slowly start to crop up and gain popularity throughout the city,” she said.

Source: Belinda Suzette, www.coroflot.com/belindasuzette

Source: Belinda Suzette, www.coroflot.com/belindasuzette

The next Suitcase Rummage is being held at King George Square in Brisbane’s CBD on September 5, 2010.