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High heels at QUT: disruptive and inappropriate

High heels are causing a disruption around QUT.

High heels are causing a disruption around QUT: Olivia Pollard

Fashion conscious students at the Queensland University of Technology are turning to high heels as stilettos, stacked heels and wedges make a comeback in new-season style.

 The Kelvin Grove campus is renowned for its eclectic taste in fashion but to what extreme are girls going to?

Undergraduate student Alessia Lapenna says the four-inch high heels that are frequently being worn by women on campus are not only extravagant but are also creating noise pollution.

“We all turn to look, interrupting the class and the all important lesson,” she says.

“You just want to yell out ‘Hey woman, take your shoes off!’”

Law student Ben Daley agrees high heels make a distinctive noise that draws attention to the person wearing them, but he’s not complaining.

“There is nothing sexier than the sound of high heels,” he says.

However, the high-heeled QUT students’ motivations are being called into question with suggestions they are more interested in being “legally blonde” than educated. 

According to Ms Lapenna wearing high heels at university is uncalled for.

Likewise, Griffith University student Rhianna Benjamin believes girls only wear high heels to university to seek attention, particularly QUT students.

“When I think of the type of girl that goes to QUT I imagine a creative outfit matched with a pair of loud heels,” she says.

Meanwhile, Brisbane-based footwear designer Kylie Ryan is encouraging more female university students to opt for heels.  

“Girls are learning to dress their heels down so they’re more popular and versatile to wear at uni,” she says.

Ms Ryan believes this season’s style will suit every woman.

“There isn’t one specific style of shoe this season,” she says.

“It’s more a mixture from all the different eras, so it’s hard to go wrong. 

“Anything goes.”