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Coffee reveals personality traits

A heart starting espresso and a relaxing flat white at Campos: Ingrid Rubie.

A heart starting espresso and a relaxing flat white at Campos: Ingrid Rubie.

Ah the morning coffee. But what to order? An adrenaline igniting espresso? A short skinny cappucino or a tall flat white with a shot of caramel?

Turns out the coffee we choose says a lot about our personalities.

Co-founder of Campos Coffee in Fortitude Valley, John Ronchi says he began noticing  the coffee selection trend soon after the store opened.

“It didn’t take long to pick up that certain individuals stuck to one coffee drink, and I found that very interesting being on the other side of the counter,” he said.

And Mr Ronchi would know a thing or two – Campos Coffee is currently ‘Australia’s Best Cafe’ as voted by viewers of The Lifestyle Channel.

Mr Ronchi said he is able to identify what coffee an individual will choose by their attire.

“Well-dressed corporate types usually opt for an espresso or black coffee with no sugar, while patrons who liked to laze in the sun outside Campos ordered a latte,” he said.

Local resident Dan Barrett said he is more of an espresso man during the working week, but enjoys a relaxed latte on weekends.

“Depending on the day of the week and how I’m feeling will impact on what coffee I select … Deep down I do enjoy my espresso though,” he said.

Research from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in the US reveals that coffee is fast becoming a social statement.

“Cappucino drinkers seem to be witty and classy,” Mr Ronchi said.

So forget the Gucci handbag and Prada sunglasses – just grab yourself a cappucino.