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Brisbane to host rival Oktoberfests

Brisbane will have two Oktoberfests this year, with the German Club hosting its traditional event and the rival Oktoberfest Brisbane 2009 event planned at the RNA showgrounds.

The German Club boasts the beers

The German Club boasts a wide variety of German beers

German Club vice-president Rudi Gerhard has organised the club’s Oktoberfest every year since 1975.

Mr Gerhard says their Oktoberfest event operates as a fundraiser for the club and organisers are suspicious of their rival.

“The other Oktoberfest is following us, copying us,” Mr Gerhard said.

“The people who run the thing at the [RNA] exhibition grounds are trying to make money.

“Our Oktoberfest is more like a family affair.”

Mr Gerhard expects the German Club’s event to attract a capacity crowd.

“We can put 1,000 people in our club, which is big enough for us,” he said.

“At our last two Oktoberfests we’ve had to close the gates because we have had so many people coming in.

“We have the authenticity and one thing which nobody else in Brisbane has – more than 40 different German beers.”

‘Authentic’ focus

However, organisers of the rival Oktoberfest Brisbane 2009 say their event is much larger, with up to 30,000 people expected to attend across two weekends.

Spokesman Mick Schmidt says Oktoberfest Brisbane 2009 is focused on providing an authentic Bavarian experience.

Brisbane Oktoberfest claims the best food

Four-star chef flying in to help cater Oktoberfest Brisbane 2009

“Entering the Oktoberfest will be like being in Munich,” he said.

“This will be one of the best eateries in south-east Queensland for the course of the event – we have a four-star chef flying in from Germany just for the Oktoberfest.”

This will be the fourth consecutive Oktoberfest Brisbane event at the RNA showgrounds and organisers say they are providing a different event to the traditional German Club weekend.

“You can’t compare the two events – you can’t have an Oktoberfest just in a hall, it’s totally the wrong atmosphere,” Mr Schmidt said.

“Ours is a totally different class of event.”

The Brisbane German Club’s Oktoberfest will be held at the club in Woolloongabba on the city’s southside on October 2 and 3.

The Oktoberfest Brisbane 2009 event will be held on October 9-11 and 16-18 at the RNA Showgrounds at Herston on the city’s inner-northside.