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Rebates to slash energy costs: expert

Solar hot water rebates cut energy bills in half

Solar hot water rebates cut energy bills in half

An expert in green building and energy efficiency says the Queensland Government’s ecofriendly rebates are now too good to refuse.

Professor Alan Pears, from Melbourne’s RMIT University, says it is now time for people to make more green changes.

“I  understand people’s reluctance to live an ecofriendly lifestyle and make the changes changes as it can be too expensive and time consuming, but with the State Government grants, people would be silly not to take the offer,” he said.

The $3.9 billion energy efficient homes program was announced earlier this year as part of the $42 billion economic stimulus package.

Queensland home owners will be provided with a $1,600 Government grant to help pay for a solar hot water heater or roof installation, but not both.

Mr Simon Norman, of Plumbers Plus on Queensland’s  Sunshine Coast, says electric hot water systems use more energy in the average home and produces more gas emissions than air-conditioning.

“Roof insulation keeps home temperatures comfortable and are effective with airconditioners,” he said.

“But electric hot water systems account for about one-third of an average home’s electricity use so switching to solar will be more beneficial than insulation.”

Mr Norman says solar water heaters and energy efficient appliances can cost more to begin with but will slash energy bills in half.

“Electric hot water systems can churn through electricity and keep electricity bills high all year round at about $400, where as solar hot water heaters will cost you less than $100 a year,” he said.

To register in the scheme visit www.cleanenergy.qld.gov.au