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GC residents oppose extended pub trading hours

Trading hours of certain Gold Coast pubs will be extended to 5am: Stephanie Bourke.

Trading hours of certain Gold Coast pubs will be extended to 5am: Stephanie Bourke.

The Queensland Liquor Licensing Division is set to approve applications to extend the trading hours of Gold Coast pubs despite opposition from local residents.

Trading hours will be extended from 2am to 5am at 13 locations from Oxenford to Palm Beach.

The Gold Coast City Council has met resistance from residents fearing increased noise, violence and vandalism because of the extended trading hours.

“There’s too much violence and not enough police presence as is,” said Coomera resident Janet Wallace.

The Queensland Police Service hasĀ also expressed concerns for residents’ safety as a result of inadequate police resources.

“Some areas of the Gold Coast may not be monitored properly because of the additional strain it will put on the main entertainment precincts,” a spokesperson said.

But Liquor Licensing will be unable to rule against individual applications unless councillors produce evidence of disorderly behaviour at local pubs.

The applications lodged by the Woolworths-backed Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group will raise more than $273,000 in State Government revenue.

State OppositionĀ spokesman Ray Stevens has dismissed the move as “nothing more than a cash grab”.

“The State Government isn’t addressing the real concerns of local residents,” he said.

Drug Awareness Rehabilitation and Management executive director Dennis Young says the Government needs to take a more consistent approach in its crackdown on alcohol-related incidents.

“There’s state-wide concern regarding alcohol-related violence and binge drinking, yet if these applications go ahead it’ll create a double standard and send a message that the Government isn’t serious about tackling these issues,” he said.

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