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Ipswich welcomes ‘The Makeup Room’

Kate Johnston (left) and Ellen Armstrong (right) say business could not be better in Ipswich.

Kate Johnston (left) and Ellen Armstrong (right) say business could not be better in Ipswich.

Brisbane-based makeup artists Ellen Armstrong and Kate Johnston were welcomed to Ipswich with open arms as they launched their business venture ‘The Makeup Room’ last month.

The girls, who are former co-workers from Napoleon Perdis, have not looked back after deciding six months ago to put their passion for makeup, creativity and customer care into action.

Ms Armstrong said business is already booming considering they went out on a whim.

“We had no advertising and did not do much research,” she said.

“We were so focussed on what we were doing that everything else just fell into place.

“But word-of-mouth has definitely been our backbone in terms of establishing our name around Ipswich … they absolutely love us!”

Although Ipswich initially seemed like an unlikely location to launch a boutique-style makeup, tanning and waxing salon, the pair said they wanted to give the town something it had been missing out on.

“To start a business like ours where we specialise so much on a few things, there would be too much competition in Brisbane,” Ms Armstrong said.

“We also wanted to offer something different to the people of Ipswich and the feelings back towards us have been reciprocated.”

Ms Johnston said their decision to defy the economic downturn meant they were taking some seriously big chances, however it seems to have paid off.

“We are both so passionate about what we do and strongly believe that if you are determined enough to achieve something you love, you can,” she said.

“We hope to open more stores soon, possibly in New Farm, West End and eventually Melbourne!”

The Makeup Room is located at 1b Glebe Rd, Newtown.