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Golf aiming for hole in one at 2016 Olympics

Golf's popularity is set to soar if selected in the 2016 Olympic Games (http://everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=1573188)

Golf's popularity is set to soar if selected in the 2016 Olympic Games (http://everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=1573188)

Golf is set to explode in Brisbane if it is chosen as an additional sport for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Golf is competing with squash, baseball, softball, karate and roller sports for the final position after rugby sevens was voted in by the International Olympic Committee.

Golf Australia CEO Stephen Pitt said he was excited at the possibility of golf being included in the Olympics.

“We are excited by the opportunity to introduce a new audience to golf and to attract new people to our game,” said Mr Pitt.

“It is a great chance to showcase the world’s best golfers in various locations around the world.”

Up-and-coming Brisbane golfer Andrew Galligan said golf’s inclusion in the Olympics would help boost its popularity amongst younger people.

“I hope if golf gets in the Olympics it will encourage more juniors to play, especially in the Brisbane area,” he said.

President of the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) John Coates said golf and rugby sevens were the ideal sports for the Olympics.

“Both sports are universal, offer absolute gender equity and have strong youth appeal,” said Mr Coates.

Golf has been an Olympic Sport twice – in 1900 and 1904.

The host city for the 2016 Olympic Games is undecided with Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo the remaining candidates.

The host city and the two new sports will be unveiled on October 2 at the Olympic congress in Copenhagen.