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Fashion graduates go global

fashion model strikes a pose in London

Fashion model strikes a pose in London: Livestock

Although Brisbane has emerged as a fashion hub, many fashion graduates are foregoing the local market and are seizing opportunities overseas.

Fashion graduate Alex Martin graduated from TAFE last year with a diploma in fashion, textile and footwear and plans to move to London at the end of the year for what she hopes will be a possible career in fashion.

“I’m hoping it will expand my fashion knowledge and open my eyes to other areas,” she says.

“I’m looking for  experience so when I come home I can inject what I’ve learnt into an agency or possibly a business.”

Educational manger for fashion at the Metropolitan South Bank Institute of Tafe, Liz Reynolds says many students have benefited from overseas exposure.

“They have the opportunity to learn other specialist areas,” she says.

“Some of our students for instance are studying shoes in Milan, something which wouldn’t be available to them here.

“International experience also looks great on a CV which is beneficial when going for future jobs.”

The overseas market is not for everyone and Ms Martin says it all depends on the individual.

“It honestly depends on what area you wish to go into. There’s a lot of opportunity for small labels to grow here in Australia, but there is only a few options to go for other than starting up yourself,” she says.