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Fashion festival crowds exceed expectations

Models showcase this season's swimwear: Jacinta Holloway

Models showcase this season's swimwear: Jacinta Holloway

Brisbane’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival has attracted larger crowds than ever this year, despite financial pressures on consumers.

MBFF spokesperson Caitlin O’Loan said over 10,000 tickets to the group fashion shows were sold and community participation in all events had increased since last year.

“This year we’ve doubled capacity by holding the fashion shows at Brisbane City Hall and we’re thrilled the shows have sold out”, she said.

“It’s exceeded our expectations.”

Fashion stylist Dianne Cant said the popularity of the festival was not dampened by hard economic times because fashion will always be important to people.

“Women will always need fashion, and like Coco Chanel said ‘fashion changes, style remains’,” she said.

Ms Cant said although the festival seemed frivolous, it promotes the fashion industry which is an important part of the Australian economy.

“It’s a serious business and creates a lot of jobs directly and indirectly”, she said.

Consumer behaviour expert Dr Edwina Luck said people attend events like the fashion festival even if they cannot afford the clothes on offer because it boosts their self esteem.

“It’s about status and being seen”, she said.

“Attending events helps people feel like they belong and are part of the scene – whether they’re young, or an older person who actually has the money to buy the clothes they see on the runway”, she said.