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Confessions of a Mercedes Benz fashion model

Madeleine Russell shares her modelling secrets

Madeleine Russell shares her modelling secrets: Red Eclipse Photography.

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival is a celebration of our local designers. Brisbane’s fashionistas flock to this yearly event to catch a glimpse of the latest must-haves and envy the models who get to wear them.

So what is it like being the one strutting down the catwalk?

Madeleine Russell is a 17-year-old model from Brisbane. Before her modelling career began she knew a thing or two about personal hygeine, but the standards of grooming with the MBFF are set very high.

“For each show we have to make sure that we are well groomed, with clean nails, face and hair,” she said.

“Legs and under arms must be shaved and we have to moisturise for at least one week prior to the show. Eyebrows must be neat and tidy and teeth are to be clean and white.”

With so much care taken to appear in the spotlight, how does the MBFF repay their catwalk kings and queens?

“Sadly we don’t get to keep anything from this show…some designers give the models small gifts after their show but Brisbane isn’t really a large fashion market so large reimbursements don’t really happen here,” she said.

“Everyone gets paid though and that’s good enough.”

The young model is putting her best heel forward, even if it is a bit daunting.

“It can sometimes be a bit scary knowing how prestigious the designers are and therefore how much the garments cost, but other than that it is a privilege to wear something I wouldn’t normally be able to wear,” she said.

Madeleine said the MBFF is a great stepping stone to become well-known in the fashion world.

“The Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival is more worldly recognised, so there is more of an opportunity for us to have our name spread across some really influential people,” she said.

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival will wrap up this Friday with a styling competition in Queen Street Mall.