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New designer blooms at fashion festival

Katelyn Aslett admires her design on model Lindsay for her show tonight: Jodie Richter

Katelyn Aslett admires her design on model Lindsay before her show tonight: Jodie Richter

Designer Katelyn Aslett will debut her collection at the Brisbane Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival tonight.

Running a flower farm and working in hospitality do not seem like the usual steps to becoming a successful fashion designer.

But for Ms Aslett, it was a love of creating that got her to where she is today.

Sales from her self-titled label have increased by a third over the past year, but Ms Aslett says money should not be the main focus.

“My label didn’t come from a business goal. I started from a place of wanting to make things that I loved, and the business side came second,” she says.

Pursuing your interests is her number one advice to aspiring designers.

“Even when things are going bad I still feel happy because I’m doing what I love,” Ms Aslett says.

“We work so hard for money but if you do what you love, you get so much more back then just money.”

She says making women feel good about themselves in her garments is the most rewarding part of the job.

“They want to buy something that isn’t mass produced, but is made with care and love,” says Ms Aslett.

Her latest collection is just that – using printed images of silk and wool creations for a young, fresh and colourful look that she says is “perfect for spring”.