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Easton Pearson designs become art

Easton Pearson @ GoMA

Gowns on display at the Easton Pearson exhibition at GoMA: Queensland Art Gallery

The launch of the Easton Pearson exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art this week was the first of its kind to establish a culmination of fashion and art in Brisbane.

Freelance fashion journalist and lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology Kay McMahon said it was a very exciting time for the thriving Brisbane fashion industry.

“The tension between fashion and art has always been there and now fashion has finally become credible,” Ms McMahon said.

Despite ongoing news of the world’s failing economic climate, Ms McMahon said Brisbane would welcome designer fashion with a higher price point as well as mass-produced clothing.

“Brands like Easton Pearson are still commercially viable in comparison to European designers, so there is definitely a place in Brisbane to promote these labels,” she said.

Ms McMahon said the Easton Pearson exhibition would be the first of many of its kind in Brisbane to promote the industry.

“It’s exciting being part of the very first fashion exhibition in Brisbane,” she said.

“It’s an historical moment.”

Ms McMahon will present Slash/Slash: The Future for Fashion Businesses, a discussion that will explore new business models for designers in peripheral fashion cities such as Brisbane on Sunday, October 25.

The exhibition takes place at GoMA from August 22 to November 8.

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