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Exhibition a Brisbane fashion first

The Museum of Brisbane launched the inaugural In Fashion: Dressing Up Brisbane exhibition last week – a one of a kind event that addresses both historical and contemporary fashion in Brisbane.

The exhibition was initiated by a handful of local fashion enthusiasts with the idea of portraying the different eras of fashion, as well as the art of dressing up in Brisbane.

Councillor for The Gap and families and community chair Geraldine Knapp said the exhibition would showcase Brisbane’s different eras through the medium of fashion.

“From ballgowns and bustles, to exquisite wedding dresses and runway couture, visitors will get an insight into Brisbane’s fashionable precincts, events and memorable moments,” Cr Knapp said.

“This is an exhibition that celebrates the human stories behind the costumes and showcases a city’s national and international fashion highpoints.

“As a woman, I know how much we love our fashion – meaning that across Brisbane we have many cherished memories, treasures and stories contained within our wardrobes.”

Queensland University of Technology fashion lecturer Tiziana Ferrero-Regis said there is a lot of fashion history in Brisbane that is hidden and waiting to be uncovered.

“I am positively convinced that exhibitions about the history of fashion in Brisbane are contributing to knowledge and to the development of the industry,” said Dr Ferrero-Regis.

“Knowing about this part of history is very important for two reasons.

“Firstly, it gives voice to people whose work has contributed in the past to the local economy and has been forgotten.

“Secondly, because the fashion industry today is ready for a big change, and this change may come from rediscovering the grass roots of the industry – that is sustainability and small business based on quality rather than quantity.”

The exhibition, which opened its doors on August 7, is due to conclude on November 29 and is free to view.