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Rivercity church hosts women’s conference

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Rivercity Family Church in The Gap last weekend hosted the annual Forever Women’s Conference.

A motivating day for the 100 attendees, the conference was themed ‘Reflections’ symbolised by a diamond and Joy Graetz and Deb Boyd were guest speakers.

The Rivercity church is an outreach of the Apostolic Church Australia and even non-Christians could attend the conference, aimed to encouraged women to refine themselves to be the best person they can be.

State women’s apostolic leader Joy Constantine said of the conference theme: “When a raw diamond is placed in the hands of a master jeweller it is ground, cut and polished to reveal a brilliance that has been lying within.”

The day was broken down into three sessions that included guest speakers, musical performances and special guest acts.

Ms Boyd from Christian City Church in Bridgeman Downs said: “I think we are all inspirations in our own lives and if we have God on the inside of us we are inspirations to other people particularly young women and other women.”

An array of food was served for morning tea and lunch and these times gave the women the opportunity to socialise.

Graetz said of the event: “Today is a celebration. Friendships and connections are just some of the things that God will be doing here today.”

The day concluded at 4pm with each woman taking home their own diamond as a gift.

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